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Turbo Elite Machinery (Thailand) Ltd. Engineers 
have professionalism and proficiency in air compressor system – dry air system – cold air system – or air piping system and are ready to give technical advice regarding utilizing the efficiency from start to finish like turnkey project service.

Products, Services, and FS-Elliott Centrifugal Air Compressor

   FS-Elliott Centrifugal Air Compressor

   ISO 8573-1 Class 0 Oil-Free Air Compressor

   FS-Elliott Air Compressor Controller

   FS-Elliott Air Compressor Accessories & Equipment

   FS-Elliott Air Compressor Utility Devices



Service before and after purchase with swiftness, precision, and excellence

  • Provide technical operation advice, pollution control, maintenance, preventive maintenance, and consumable parts changing as products’ lifespan ends.
  • Provide measurable energy saving plan.
  • Provide air compressor installation calculation, cool water piping, air dryer piping, inlet and outlet air piping, pipe insulation, and designing electricity system in air compression by professional engineer.
  • We have engineers to provide checkup as required interval and onsite repair service all over Thailand.
  • We provide original equipment and parts for FS-Elliott: consumable parts, air compressor spare parts for each model, and dryer parts – starter motor, grease, drain valve, casing inlet scroll, oil filter, and muffler.

“We emphasize the importance of after purchase service since maintaining machines as indicated by the handbook will prevent deterioration or damage before the machine has reached the intended life expectancy, keep the machine running at its best efficiency, and extend the longevity of the product. It will also save energy, possible future repair cost, and cut down time the machine has broken down – even if these cannot be measured into exact number, the price will surely be hefty.”
In case of customers having already installed air compressors from other vendors or required solution for air system, please feel free to call us to ask for advises. We will be glad to help you and always be ready for an appointment in every area – call 02-180-0165.
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