We are the handler and service center of FS-Elliott centrifugal air compressor.

In 1996, Turbo Elite Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded by professional board directors from various expertise. We mainly aim to support and provide after purchase service for FS-Elliott high quality oil-free centrifugal air compressor produced from US.

To respond to change in production base, change in the industry, system management, and organizational changes that cannot be delayed by even a split second, Turbo Elite Machinery Co., Ltd. was then founded in 2010. Other than improving on the original business, we also try to improve equipment related to the system and the system provider too to ensure that businesses in air power will get the most appropriate services possible.

In 2018, Fusheng has noticed the growing market in Asia Pacific and intended to expand the centrifugal and screw air compressor into the Asia Pacific region. Turbo Elite Machinery Co., Ltd. has put a lot of effort into expanding the compressors into Thailand. With entwined objective and belief – mixed with Fusheng’s exuberant planning on the market change in the recent years and Turbo Elite Machinery Co., Ltd.’s advantage in sales and maintenance technology, Turbo Elite Machinery (Thailand) Ltd. [which will be called TETH from now on] was founded.

In 2019, TETH succeeded in compressor’s rotor balancing plan and was done with installing and starting the machine for SCHENCK Balance Machine from Germany. In 2020, TETH started providing the complete rotor balancing to customers officially.

Currently, TETH is the handler and service center of FS-Elliot centrifugal air compressor in Thailand. We hope that we will have the chance to cooperate with people in the area and strive for the future together – aiming to be the most solid service center in your business.

We are thankful for the support from all walks of life. In 2010, Turbo Elite Machinery Co., Ltd., to created the better after purchase experience for the customers in China and respond to the rapidly growing development of both side of the channel in the future, had founded Elite Air Trading Ltd. on mainland China to expand the service range directly into the vast China area – to provide both faster and more professional technology: advising and service.

With expertise and mastery in air compressor system, dry air system, cool air system, and air piping system, we are prepared to provide technical advice and efficiency exploitation technique to customers from the upstream to downstream with Turnkey project service.

Service before and after purchase with swiftness, precision, and excellence. Provide advice on technical operation, pollution control, maintenance, preventive maintenance, and consumable parts changing as products’ lifespan ends. Provide measurable energy saving plan, air compressor installation calculation, cool water piping, air dryer piping, inlet and outlet air piping, pipe insulation, and designing electricity system in air compression by professional engineer. Engineers are available to provide checkup as required interval and onsite repair service all over Thailand.
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