Machine Maintenance and Repair

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Machine Maintenance and Repair

Machine Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance รูปภาพ
1. Pressure maintenance: Use manual handheld device to generate pressure then fix the pressure on the pressure sensor.

2. Electrical Insulation Test: Utilize resistance meter to gauge the resistance between electrical wire and ground wire.

3. Computer Disk Calibration: Utilize power generator to generate 4-20 ma of electricity to config controller port that can receive 4-10 ma.

4. Voltage Configuration: Utilize vibration meter to adjust gap voltage in wireless probe signal sensor’s head.

5. Machine Calibration: Utilize laser calibration device from Germany to adjust.

6. Insulation Resistance Measurement: Uses low resistance meter to measure the motor circuit resistance.

7. Dynamic Balancing: Utilize balancer from Germany to balance the rotor.

8. Gap Measurement: Uses gap measurement device to measure the gap between impeller and case.

9. Motor Vibration Measurement: Uses vibration analyzer to measure vibration and analyze the frequency to quickly identify the cause.

10. Flow Rate Measurement: Measure flow rate using pitot tube to record air power and deduce usage

11. Impeller and Diffuser Cleaning: This is one of machine annual maintenance. Impeller will be cleaned and inspected to retain its efficacy and flow rate.

12. Shaft Seal Ring Maintenance: After long usage, the bottom carbon seal will accumulate stuff, preventing the spring from extending or retracting.

13. Impeller’s Magnetic Particle Inspection: As they attract, glowing magnetic particles will be spitted out; consequently, small dents on the blade can be detected.

14. Electric Rotor Curvature Test: Detect induced voltage from probe’s head on the rotor’s vibrating point to see if there’s any faulty responses.

15. Changes Oil Filter: Changing machines’ consumable part is one of machine maintenance. This will ensure the cleanliness of lubrication oil inside.

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