Turbo Elite Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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บริษัท เทอร์โบ เอลิท แมชชีนเนอรี่ (ไทยแลนด์) จำกัด

Turbo Elite Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Expert in air compressors, air system, and gas system – “We are the FS-Elliot oil-free centrifugal air compressor handler” with strength in efficiency and energy cost saving. Even in the most demanding environment, FS-Elliot centrifugal air compressor will be the most reliable and still drastically save the energy cost.

Most reliable in the most demanding environment  : Compressors with lifespan up to 20 years with currently longest lifespan of 50 years.

Machine layout can cut the time needed for maintenance : Assembled with only 3 moving parts without the need of changing any parts regularly.

Mastery and forecasting maintenance support : Available to be used throughout the air compressor’s lifespan – increasing factory working hours, and in turn, production.

Spare part and quality OEM service : Grease, heat exchange piping alternative, and others designed specifically for your machine.

What is ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 standard?
International Organization of Standardization (ISO) has developed ISO 8573-1 standard to examine the air compression quality by considering solid, water, oil, and gas particle within 1 meter cube. The ISO 8573-1 Class 0 standard is using the strictest test method currently available and simulates the environment as if onsite. Air compressing must possess less than 0.01 mg/m3 of the liquid, fog, or steam in total.

ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 standard :

Class             Concentration total oil (mg/m3)     

 0                    As specified, more stringent than Class 1      

 1                                            ≤ 0.01      

 2                                             ≤ 0.1

How can I know that I have received ISO 8573-1 Class 0 compressed air?

Understand the long-term benefit of oil-free centrifugal air compressors as FS-Elliott strive to design air compressors that provide clean air according to ISO 8573-1 Class 0 (2010)

To ensure your confidence in us, all our compressors conform to the requirements of oil-free air ISO 8573-1 Class 0 Standard as we are certified by TÜV (Technishe ÜberwachungsVerein – technical inspection association) who is an independent leader in world stage – ensuring the highest scrutiny while testing the quality and safety of the product. FS-Elliott oil-free centrifugal air compressor is ensured with “Class 0”, so it is guaranteed that it will be decreasing the most risk while providing the high-quality air.

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