How to Choose Air Compressors to Suit the Needs

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How to Choose Air Compressors to Suit the Needs

  Choose air compressor that suits your need.

Air compressor is a machine that drain normal pressure air into high pressure air and store them into pressured air tank to be used along the air pipes onto other machines or equipment.

  There are three types of major air compressors that are often used.
1. Reciprocating Compressors
Reciprocating Compressors are high efficacy compressors. The more stage the machine has, the higher the efficacy. Most of time it only has 2 stages. This type of compressors will have better efficacy with water cooling system than air cooling system. It is good for unstable load due to its effective un-load equipment which is used more sparsely when compared to other types. Multi step controlling is available in Part load section giving high efficacy.

2. Rotary Compressors
Rotary screw compressors breaks down more slowly when compared to other types because the screws are not touching each other. This type has moderate efficacy with stable pressure. Rotary screw is suitable to system that can use it at maximum efficacy regularly.

3. Centrifugal Compressors
Centrifugal compressor has high efficacy suitable for large volume of air needs.

All these are information about air compressor. Since the machine is a vital part of many industries, studying the differences of each type and choose appropriately can be beneficial for the business.

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